Publication: Elevate
Client: University of Utah Health Care
Photographer: Brandon Sullivan
Illustrator: Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

On the day we were brainstorming photo shoot concepts for our winter cover story, it was a hot and sunny September day in Phoenix, and even Salt Lake City didn't have any chance of winter weather in the forecast for several more months. I suggested the idea of creating our own winter scenes through the magic of chalk illustration. The concept jived perfectly with our cover story about setting healthy goals for the new year. By having the talented Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn draw scenes around our models, shot in a studio in Phoenix by the wonderful Brandon Sullivan, in effect we were inviting our reader to sketch their own plans for the year ahead of them.

One of my favorite details of the whole illustrated package is that the final image of the dad and daughter in the kitchen includes subtle nods to each of the previous images, woven seamlessly into the scene. Can you spot them all? Here's a hint: