Video Series: My Story
Client: Baylor Health Care System
Video group: Renaissance Television and Film

For each of the patient testimonial videos I worked of for Baylor Health Care System (now Baylor Scott & White Health), I oversaw the process from start to finish, working closely with our vendor at Renaissance Television and Film.

I would begin the process with a brief conversation with our featured patient to understand their health condition, the impact their treatment had on their daily life, and learn a little about their personality and lifestyle so we could develop a strong story arc for the video. I'd work with Chris Magid from RTVF to determine locations featured in the shoot and anticipate a general flow of the patient's story.

Prior to the shoot, I'd work with Chris, the client, and any third-party locations to ensure we had permission to film there on the day of the shoot.

Our shoots spanned a day and a half. The first day would be a half-day in the studio where RTVF would capture some b-roll footage. Then, we would spend a full day with the patient. First, we would interview them about their experience with Baylor. Then we would set up vignettes of them going about their day and showcasing their life post-treatment. Throughout the shoot, I would be in charge of wardrobe, art direction, and ensuring we stayed on time. Chris's team would piece together the footage, and my editor colleague and I would review the video before sharing it with our client.