Publication: Pine
Client: Northern Arizona University
Photographer: Peter Amend

Pine is digital magazine for alumni of Northern Arizona University. The interactive version of this story can be viewed here.

NAU featured the wisdom and insights from their oldest-living alum, 106-year-old Harry Wolf. I hope my smile as big as Mr. Wolf's is when I reach the amazing milestone of 106 years. The portraits of Mr. Wolf were taken by the talented Peter Amend. The two of them struck up a friendship, bonding over their shared loves of travel and photography. Unfortunately, I couldn't partake in their conversation, as I had to art direct this shoot from a distance.

To do so, I worked with Peter in advance of the shoot to discuss specifically what I was looking for in the final photos. I shared with him examples of the types of portraits we wanted, and a mockup of how the opening image would be displayed. On the day of the shoot, Peter kept me in the loop about how the shoot was progressing and sent me a sneak peek of his photo, prior to his initial edit.